XYZ to Lat/Long/Alt converter

XYZ2LLA and LLA2XYZ are two littles C programs to convert:


# xyz2lla 4.593339e6 5.601284e5 4.374982e6
43.586273 6.952529 104.879888

# xyz2lla 43.586273 6.952529 104.879888
4593339.019940 560128.434475 4374981.974821

The current version is 0.2. You can download it here.

Compilation OK on: Linux / FreeBSD Mac OS X 

A Python version of the XYZ2LLA program can also be downloaded here.

Releases notes:

0.2 (27/07/2007):

0.1b (28/02/2006):

Author: Nicolas Hennion

This program is written under the GNU General Public License