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What is it ...:

Sjitter is a client/server performing tool writen in C. This script is written under the GNU General Public License.

Sjitter is a command line client/server to measure jitter (based on RFC 1889), one way UDP delay and bandwidth.


The client and the server's date should be synchronise to compute the jitter. You can use the NTP protocol to do this.

The program has been tested on a Linux Operating system (Fedora Core 5). It should works on another Unix and BSD system (MacOS) (you can send me an email if you use the program on another OS).

To compile you need gcc and standards system library.

How to...:

Run the server:

# ./sjitters

Run the the client:

# ./sjitterx -c <IP address of the server> -n 100 -b 200


On the client:

Send data (100 datagrams / 200 Kbps) to the server:port

Sending data...

Summary: 100 datagrams sent in 6.02 seconds (186 Kbps)

On the server:

[Client:] Init OK (wait 100 datagrams)[Client:] Receive 100/100 (100%) datagrams in 6.00 seconds (187 Kbps)

[Client:] One-way delay summary (ms): Min=1.04 / Max=3.67 / Avg=0.43

[Client:] Jitter summary (ms) : Min=0.34 / Max=0.79 / Avg=0.36


The current version is 0.18b. You can download :

  • Here (last source)
  • Sourceforge
  • Releases notes:

    Version 0.18 (23/03/2009), thanks to Thierry Legras:

    Version 0.14 (30/10/2008):

    0.15-16 : Private release

    0.14 (05/10/2006):

    0.13b (18/09/2006):

    0.12b (06/07/2006):

    0.11b (05/07/2006):

    0.1b (05/07/2006):


    Author: Nicolas Hennion